Periodontal Technology – Baltimore, MD

Unmatched Precision & Comfort

Our practice has invested in the latest, proven technology simply because it’s the right thing to do for our patients. It allows us to perform procedures on much smaller areas of the mouth, making the experience more comfortable, and the instruments detailed below also enable our team to accomplish as much as possible in a single visit while safeguarding a patient’s comfort.  You’ll benefit from the best when you come to Harbor Periodontics, and you can see what this means below.


Soft Tissue Laser

Our soft tissue laser is able to quickly and painlessly remove harmful oral bacteria from deep below the gum line as well as infected tissue while causing virtually no pain, swelling, or bleeding. A patient barely feels a thing while in the chair, and post-treatment symptoms are practically non-existent because the instrument cauterizes and sanitizes as it goes, meaning any soreness is kept to an absolute minimum.

Digital X-Rays

Your gums cover about one-third of each of your teeth, so a lot can happen in your mouth that is hidden from the naked eye. With digital X-rays, we can capture crystal clear images that show the hidden parts of your smile in a matter of seconds. This way, if there is an infection, cavity, or even cancer, we’ll find it early so we can take care of it right away.

CBCT Scanner

A CBCT scanner is able to create a highly-detailed, 3D model of all of your dental anatomy, including both rows of teeth, your jaws, and all nearby structures. This global perspective gives us the information we need to plan more complicated procedures like dental implant placement so we can personalize them to the patient as well as guarantee success. The image even shows the location of sensitive facial nerves so we know to avoid them!

Intraoral Cameras

Rather than simply shining a light into your mouth (and probably eyes) to examine you, we instead use our intraoral camera. A little larger than a pen, this device takes close-up images of the teeth and gums. It allows our team to see everything when evaluating you, and we can also go over these images with you so you’re always on the same page as us when we’re talking about your oral health and suggested procedures.

Microscope Dentistry

We utilize microscopes all the time in our practice because we don’t want to miss anything while serving our patients. With this tool, we can make sure we remove every last bit of built-up tartar and bacteria so that nothing is left behind, leading to faster healing and a lower chance of reinfection.