Frequently Asked Periodontal Questions – Baltimore, MD

Ask Your Baltimore Periodontist

Our patients typically have a lot of questions for us when they come in for their first visit, and to help out, we’ve gone ahead and answered some of the most popular ones below. If there is anything else you’d like to know that we haven’t touched on here, please call our office, and we’ll be more than happy to talk to you.


What is a periodontist?

A periodontist is a type of dental specialist that focuses on diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the structures that support the teeth, i.e. the gums and underlying bone. It’s a recognized specialty like orthodontics and pediatric dentistry.

What is the difference between a dentist and a periodontist?

Both a general dentist and periodontist graduate from dental school after four years, but a periodontist goes on to complete an additional 3 year residency that focuses just on treating the gums and the supporting structures of the teeth, and providing dental implants. These extra years of training make them experts when it comes to dealing with advanced gum disease and tooth loss, so they are able to handle complicated cases.

Why should I get dental implants placed by a periodontist?

Many general dentists offer to both place and restore dental implants these days, so why would someone choose to visit a periodontist just for the placement? Periodontists are dentistry's experts in the surgical placement of dental implants. They're masters of both hard tissue and soft tissue, having the knowledge to successfully place dental implants in any scenario. The extra three years of education periodontists receive beyond dental school includes in-depth surgical training.

Will my gum disease go away on its own?

In short, no. Gum disease does not get better on its own, and actually, it typically only becomes worse without direct intervention. This might just consist of better brushing and flossing habits at home for minor infections, but for major ones, only a periodontist can get it under control. Ignoring the condition will inevitably lead to a much more serious infection and even tooth loss.

Will you take my dental insurance?

Yes! We accept United Concordia, Delta Dental, and BlueCross BlueShield. To see how much your plan will cover at your visit, just give us a call with your policy information nearby, and we’ll be happy to talk about your benefits.

Is it possible to finance my periodontal care?

Yes, and you can set this up right through our website with CareCredit. They offer third-party financing that can be customized to suit your budget, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up and qualify. To learn more about your options and get a plan, simply visit our For Patients page.