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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance refers to on-going treatment and prevention of gum disease and bone and tissue loss. Maintenance is often recommended for patients who have shown increased susceptibility to periodontal disease or have moderate to severe gum disease in their dental histories. Periodontal maintenance includes regular visits to your periodontist to more closely monitor your gum health and prevent future problems or complications. By proactively addressing gum disease in its earliest stages, you can save yourself considerable pain, time and money.

Periodontal disease is caused by an excessive growth of bacteria naturally found in the mouth. Large amounts of bacteria live in the plaque build-up that collects on and around your teeth and gums. The bacteria then release toxins that attack and damage your teeth. 

If plaque is not regularly cleaned, it hardens, forming calculus deposits on your teeth. Even patients who follow the strictest oral hygiene routine will naturally develop some deposits. Proper brushing and flossing help minimize such formations. Regular professional maintenance and cleaning are necessary to remove formed deposits. During your regular check-ups, the hygienist will remove deposits and clean your teeth while also checking for signs of any additional problems. 

Your periodontist will recommend how often you should schedule periodontal maintenance appointments depending on the state of your oral health and your dental history. Factors including past progression of gum disease, how well you have responded to periodontal treatments, and how quickly plaque build-up develops are all important when outlining a plan for periodontal maintenance.

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